About us

Although Swingfun4you is a new name, we have been organizing parties since 2010. We started with small-scale parties for couples and women and later there were parties with different themes. Precisely because we organise different parties we found that our original name (Colorotica) was no longer correct and we went looking for an umbrella name: a name that is good fits every party we organize and a name that also conveys what we do with our parties in mind …: Swingfun4You saw the light.

We try to communicate with all our parties how we ourselves in the (swingers) life and do our very best to keep all parties accessible, intimate, accessible and comfortable so that everyone is at home and at home ease.

We still organize parties that are very suitable for beginning swingers. Because let’s say: such a ‘hobby’ do you still want everyone? Moreover, we believe it sacred in that the world gets better (or at least: more fun ;-)) as more swingers walking around. Through our parties we therefore try as many people as possible to interest this lifestyle.

Because no one is the same and there are so many different tastes, wishes, preferences, fantasies exist we organize different parties. All intimate, friendly and approachable and also all exciting, sexy and active, but each with a different approach. So that we can everyone a party to his or her taste offer.

Our parties have the following in common:

  • a relaxed, cozy atmosphere where everyone can feel at home;
  • the ability to realize your fantasies in a free and safe environment;
  • an opportunity to meet new like-minded open-minded people; nice, often luxurious locations with many facilities.